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We’re Creative Modern Digital Agency Based in Wyoming

The internet provides new and better prospects,which must first be identified.

The web is a sales channel,
If it’s not selling, something is wrong.

What we do

The digital world knows no constants, which is why we develop an advertising strategy for your product or service that can be easily and continuously updated based on the data and testing we have gathered in advance, giving your business a long-term return on your advertising investment.

Web Design

Are you aware that people can judge another person's character and vision just by looking at their color? Make your first impression unforgettable. While we follow design trends, we make sure that the visual design is unique.

Graphic Design

A graphic design is the first impression and a reflection of your company. The only thing that can make the difference between people choosing you and you being just one of many is how you present yourself.

Email marketing

There is still life in email marketing, it only needs to be done correctly. Up to 20% of your traffic can be generated exclusively from email marketing when you use the right approach and the right automation system.

Social Media

On average, people spend seven hours a day using smart devices, and at least five of those hours are spent on social networks. Social networks are used by 86% of people before making a purchase decision. There is no need to add more words.

Digital Strategy

If your goals and your vision are clearly defined, the strategy is very simple. A well-defined strategy is a big advantage over your competitors. Many companies do not define their objectives, which in turn leads to poor results and ineffective advertising.


Without the right SEO practices and foundations, your website and your efforts may be in vain. Stay ahead of your competitors with a powerful, integrated strategy that incorporates content marketing, technical SEO, social networking, and other elements of optimisation.

Growing together

We are Besty Media

Whether you’re looking for an agency that can transform your business, want to advance your career, or would like to learn more about what makes Besty Media unique, you found the right place.

An idea and a Start

Our beginnings date back to 1992, when the company B.E.G.S. was founded. After gaining extensive experience in business, sales and marketing, we gradually specialized in web design, online stores, and portals. Since 2014, websites have been our passion. We increase the sales and reputation of businesses online with comprehensive web solutions, from planning, design, programming, SEO optimization to online marketing. We strive to focus our services on comprehensive, quality and professional web solutions that keep up with the times. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

New beginnings and new leadership are on the horizon.

We now have a number of internet businesses, including some of our own, that provide us with good results and act as research for our clients. Beti Jovanovic took over management in 2022, and her policies and initiatives are already yielding greater results. Boundaries are being pushed by new ideas.

Our mission

We are dedicated to guaranteeing the growth of each client and meeting their expectations at all times of the day and for all occasions, while also nurturing our workers' dedication and empowering them to make their own decisions, contributing to the community, and caring for the environment.

Strong foundations for [digital] marketing

How can we create professional advertisements for you on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn?

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Some Insights

Digital marketing is more important now than ever. Take steps to create, streamline, or optimize your marketing strategy today and accelerate your results in the coming year

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What peoples say about us

“Very lovely staff! Extremely helpful!”

"It was extremely beneficial for me as I learnt a lot about how to handle my anxiety."
Patricia Muller
"I found it comforting to be around those who feel the same way as I do."
Michael Clark
"I understand where to go if I start to spiral into severe anxiety again."
Kent Milestone

With us, you have a bright future.

“The past gave us experience and made us wiser so that we can create a beautiful and brighter future.” ― Debasish Mridha